River City Labs is a coworking community of like minded individuals who came together to promote and develop early stage and start up businesses and entrepreneurial activity in the mobile, Internet, telecoms and technology sector in Brisbane and surrounding regions in Australia.

RCL Diagram

We are more than desks, we are a community of passionate, motivated people just like you!

Our varied work spaces include lounge areas, open work spaces, offices, and desks all available on daily, casual or monthly plans.
At River City Labs members are surrounded by like minded people all cutting a similar path, as well as having access to mentoring, regular networking events, seminars, workshops and opportunities to connect with venture capitalists, investors and other entrepreneurs.

We are a not for profit organisation with an independent board and staff of the facility are not involved in any capacity with an accelerator, investment company or any another firm hoping to derive services revenue from the entrepreneurs who work in the Labs.

It’s our wish to encourage other¬†accelerators, incubators and professional services companies to follow suit as well as come along and be involved – we think the best way to do this is not to get in their way but create a focused forum that allows all to participate.

River City Labs is about being the focal point for activity in the early stage and start up space in the mobile, Internet, telecoms and technology sector in the Brisbane area. Our focus is on driving the local ecosystem of mentors, angels, venture capitalists, investment bankers, accountants, lawyers, business advisors, contract web design and developers and any other relevant party to help out the businesses using the Labs.