Internet Access

River City Labs is lucky to have TPG/PIPE Networks as a sponsor and this allows us to have an ultra fast 100M service installed. All residents Internet access is via wireless. Residents will be issued with credentials to log onto the wireless access points and Internet access is included in the package when renting a desk or office.

Facility Rules apply to the use of the Internet, this is to ensure that all residents get fair access to this resource.

Internet Access

Couple this with 2.4G and 5G wireless coverage and an ethernet switch port available to all and you have all you need to access the cloud with speed and flexibility.

How fast ?

river city labs internet speed test



The boardroom is 25 sqm of space for you to hold important meetings. It has seating for 10, tea and coffee facilities, a bar fridge as well as a projector and screen. The boardroom is booked via a gmail calendar system.


Kitchen and Vending Machines

The onsite kitchen comes with a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, coffee machine and filtered water. We also have a very handy vending machine stocked with snacks and drinks for your convenience.

Otherwise, take a stroll around the Fortitude Valley precinct. It’s packed with awesome cafes and restaurants, catering to all price and taste variations.

In our kitchen we have available hot and cold (chilled) water, a fridge for all of your packed lunches and other requirements (not beer, we have a beer fridge for that), a great Nespresso coffee machine as well as a vending machine packed with goodies (this is actually in the break out area). The coffee is vended but at $1 per cup, I am sure you will like the taste and cost.

Kitchen Coffee Machine

Printing and Scanning

No need to bring your own printer – we have one here already!

Printing Facilities

We have deployed high capacity Brother colour laser MFC printers throughout the common working space. These will allow for high speed colour duplex printing and duplex scanning, all across the network. There is a A3 colour Fuji laser printer available as well.

All access to printer resources are controlled by a gateway that vends the resources on a per account basis (see below for instructions on where to get and how to install appropriate drivers for all PC, Mac and Linux), all costs are passed on at cost on the consumables. Extra printing credit can be purchased here. Included in your monthly desk rental is an allowance for the printing. See below for the costs to use back/white versus colour, A4/A3 etc.

If you are printing out something you do not want anyone else to see then you need to take precautions, the unit has print hold and private print functions that you should be familiar with if you do not want that awesome term sheet draft read by everybody in the facility !

Meeting and Event Space

River City Labs has a very flexible meeting and event space.When we have no events scheduled we have 3 meeting spaces available to be booked via a gmail calendar, these spaces and can be booked and used separately or multiple space merged into one to create a larger forum. One of spaces has a projector and screen available as well. With the inside of the partitions that create this flexible space being all whiteboard it allows teams to have very productive meetings.


During events we reconfigure this part of the labs into an area that can seat up to 65, in this space we hold our events where we have presenters from all fields available to speak.