River City Labs is inarguably one of the points of gravity for the startup community in Queensland. They also hold their own on the national stage through not only the very real community that revolves around their bricks’n’mortar headquarters, but the endless advocacy and support of the wider tech community. This is evident in the abundance of events that are supported by, hosted at, or related to their commitment to building the capacity of the local community.

David Ryan, Founder at Tech Tidal

Thanks for being such a great host on the weekend for our Beginner Coder Weekend Workshop. River City Labs is a perfect space for the workshops and your hospitality made it so easy. The students loved the workshop and I’m looking forward to coming back soon and teaching more people to code. If you’re looking for a co-working space in Brisbane, River City Labs is the place to go.

Pete Argent, Founder at Coder Factory

I’ve been at RCL for 4 years, through two startups, one accelerator program and three rounds of funding. Without a doubt RCL is the heart of the Brisbane startup scene and has shaped it into what it is today.

Elliot Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of Maxwell MRI
We were lucky enough to be the first customer signed by Steve at RCL.  I remember meeting up with Steve in the half developed board room, before the premises was even finished.  Since that first day, RCL has proved to be one of the key drivers to our current success.  In fact, without RCL we would not be who we are today.
Mark Fletcher, CEO & Co-Founder at Cohort Go

The original and still the best. At the heart of the Brisbane startup scene, RiverCityLabs, has provided a foundation for countless startups to gather, form and scale. Serendipitous meetings, strong networks, continuous learning and people willing to pay it forward. If you are are in SEQ, there is no better place to execute your idea.

Nicholas Heany, Managing Director – Puntaa