Sponsored Entrepreneurs Program

River City Labs Sponsored Entrepreneurs Program

River City Labs is offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for a corporate sponsored membership for their Startup within Brisbane’s busiest coworking community. The offer includes full-time desk membership, structured mentoring and publicity for the Startup for 3 months, fully sponsored.


Key Criteria for the applicants:

  1. Entrepreneurs can apply an individual or as a member of a Startup team.
  2. Entrepreneur must have proof they have started working on their idea/ business via a current prototype, website, operating business.
  3. Application is open to all Entrepreneurs of all ages, gender, background and experience.
  4. Current and past members of River City Labs are able to apply.
  5. Entrepreneurs must be available to commit to work on their business full time (minimum 5 days per week for the 3 month period) to be available to develop the business further.
  6. Entrepreneurs must be willing to share challenges, problems, and hurdles with the River City Labs community to access help from Startup peers and mentors.
  7. Applicants must be willing to share their Startup journey, story and personal business profile with River City Labs program representative and Sponsor representative for publicity and marketing purposes.
  8. No Non-Disclosure Agreements will be signed as part of this program.

For more information: http://www.f6s.com/brisbanesponsoredentrepreneursprogram