Technology Startup Hub River City Labs is launching a masterclass in collaboration with Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum specialists, Future Anything. Both organisations have assisted and supported thousands of educators and students through their programs, River City Labs’ YEN ( Young Entrepreneurs Program ) and Future Anything’s Innovative entrepreneurship program.

The newly launched masterclass will equip educators and teaching teams with the strategy and support to use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to teach enterprise skills to future proof young people for academic success.

 “The masterclass will explore why we need to think differently about education and how by adapting some entrepreneurial mindset strategies, schools can engage in productive partnerships with forward-thinking organisations to leverage more opportunity for their young people,” said Peta Ellis, River City Labs CEO.

The one-day masterclass will cover three sessions:

Session 1: Why

Understanding and exploring the rapidly changing world of work and why education needs to shift to meet the needs of the next generation.

Session 2: What

In this session, we dig into the ten enterprise skills that young people will need to acquire to prepare them for the economy of the future.

Session 3: How

In the final session, we explore how to implement an education-specific design thinking methodology that will build the entrepreneurial mindset of the young people in your classroom.

 “As educators, we’re acutely aware that the landscape is shifting- and feel a deep sense of responsibility to prepare young people for a rapidly changing ‘future of work’. The challenge lies in how to respond in a way that best meets these needs whilst also juggling the demands of a crowded curriculum. This masterclass cuts through the white noise to capture the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of future-proofing your classroom; drawing on best practice that is backed by research,” said Future Anything Co-founder Nicole Dyson

The masterclass jointly facilitated by Ms Ellis and Ms Dyson will include a panel of entrepreneurial guest speakers throughout the day.


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About River City Labs

River City Labs fosters the growth of startup companies wanting to solve big problems. They provide unparalleled access to resources which empower, support and connect entrepreneurs. Central to everything they do is a focus on collaboration and connection.

Since 2012 over 800  startup founders have called RCL home. Through their events program, RCL has welcomed more than 29,000 guests into their community by hosting over 1,000 events aimed at supporting founders on their entrepreneurship journey.

River City Labs is a human-led organisation ensuring founders always come first and every engagement is underpinned by our core values of ‘Give Learn Grow’, ‘Take Action’ and ‘Always Challenge’.

About Future Anything

Future Anything transforms young people’s passion and curiosity into innovative ideas that make their world a better place. 

An innovative entrepreneurship program, we put high school students in the driver’s seat of entrepreneurship; challenging young people to come up with their own innovative enterprise solutions to tackle some of the world’s greatest problems.  

Founded by experienced educators and designed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most awarded entrepreneurs, Future Anything is more than just curriculum. Future Anything empowers young people and their educators with the knowledge, 21st Century Skills, and partnerships to bend the future, one youth-led idea at a time.

With supported educators leading authentic ‘future-ready’ curriculum, we really can bend the future; one youth-led idea at a time.


Peta Ellis

Peta Ellis is a Communications Professional with 15+ years’ experience in Marketing Communications, Media Relations, Publicity, Social Media Marketing and Public Profile Management. 

Since 2012 Peta has worked alongside Steve Baxter, the founder of River City Labs to grow Brisbane’s Startup community and establish RCL as Brisbane’s most prominent Coworking community of Tech Startups, Entrepreneurs and industry mentors. Known as a super-connector in the Startup space, Peta believes that quality connections and valuable mentors make all the difference in the early stages. She works closely with Startup companies and Entrepreneurs in the first stages of development focussing on idea validation, identifying customer markets, integrated marketing strategies, pitching for investment and effective media launch campaigns.

Peta founded the Brisbane Sponsored Entrepreneur Program which enables Startups to participate in a 12 week fully funded mentoring program.  The program wraps structure and validation around great teams in need of support to get them to the next stage of growth. Suncorp, BOQ and CUA have supported this initiative in Queensland to date.


Nicole Dyson

Nicole Dyson is a globally recognised expert and practitioner in project-based learning and student entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of Future Anything, an award-winning, curriculum-aligned entrepreneurship program for high school students. She is also the co-founder of MAYK, an online tutoring and learning platform, a contributor to the Foundation for Young Australian’s YLab program and represented Australia as a delegate for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, held in Argentina in 2018.


As an experienced teacher in the USA, UK and Australia as well as a Head of Department and Head of Year at some of Queensland’s top-performing public schools, Nicole has repeatedly led the design and implementation of whole-school changes to support future ready learning; placing young people at the forefront of co-designing contextually relevant solutions.  

As the Director of Future Learning at Education Changemakers, Nicole leads the development of Future Ready curriculum with teaching teams nationally and internationally.

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