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Our office has volunteer and internship opportunities open all year round.

We are after university students interested in gaining industry based experience to compliment their future professional practises.

If you would like to plan, observe, analyse, and immerse yourself in Brisbane’s startup scene, please register your interest to


During your time with us, interns will have involvement across these sectors:

  • Marketing
  • Event management
  • Startup companies / entrepreneurship
  • Social media management
  • Content / web marketing
  • Search engine optimisation best practices
  • Community management

Dreaming about that great idea won’t take the world by storm. At River City Labs it may just materialise. A room full of like minded people is an environment infectious with enthusiasm. Not to mention the excellent facilities. The friendly staff complete the package for the incubator of any tech business startup. I recommend you to come and present your ideas and have a look around.

Don McGuinness

Thank you River City Labs for an AMAZING Startup Weekend Brisbane! Startup Weekend Brisbane was an unforgettable experience. Everyday we worked ’til the lights went off, and they were still around for our support. For anyone with dreams of starting up, hands down River City Labs is the place to jump start that dream to reality.

Hans Barroga, Founder at Movie Ape

River City Labs is inarguably one of the points of gravity for the startup community in Queensland. They also hold their own on the national stage through not only the very real community that revolves around their bricks’n’mortar headquarters, but the endless advocacy and support of the wider tech community. This is evident in the abundance of events that are supported by, hosted at, or related to their commitment to building the capacity of the local community.

David Ryan, Founder at Tech Tidal