Startup Catalyst announces its first female-focussed mission to London

Brisbane, 23 August: Startup Catalyst is looking for 20 female startup and scale-up founders, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovation leaders and policy makers to participate in an intensive week-long mission to London.

The mission will run from November 19 to 25.

Participants will meet with startup accelerators and hubs, as well as corporate innovation labs, and visit the offices of global tech companies such as Facebook. They will also meet with fellow Australians who are running startups in the UK, and take part in networking and social events.

The mission is open to females across Australia and New Zealand, specifically entrepreneurs of any stage, female angel investors and fund managers, and those leading corporate innovation programs or working within Government on startup and innovation policy development.

Startup Catalyst has previously led two missions to London, plus several other missions to Silicon Valley and Israel. But this is their first female-focussed mission.

The mission is being led on the ground by Peta Ellis, CEO of River City Labs, which is Queensland’s largest hub and community for technology startups.  Peta is also the Program Director for the RiverPitch investment series, lead organizer for Startup Weekend Brisbane, and has over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur.

Peta recently participated on the Startup Catalyst mission to London in June, and saw first-hand the need for more Australian founders to be exposed to and learn from more advanced international startup ecosystems.

“This mission is designed to be a sensory overload for the participants, and to smack them in the face with the reality that they have everything they need to create or be part of a globally scalable tech company, their skills are THAT good. They just need to start and believe in themselves. It’s a mindset play, think big, then bigger again, then start. We don’t quite get it here in Australia, so we need to take them to a place where you simply can’t escape it.” Ms Ellis said.

Joy Taylor, co-founder of the Canvas Co-working space, recently participated in the startup community leaders mission to Boulder and San Francisco in January, and said the experience was second to none.

“If you are interested in this, but thinking ‘I could go to London myself that week and see all the same stuff’…think again! Having recently travelled to the USA with Startup Catalyst I can confirm without a doubt that it is worth every cent” Ms Taylor said.


About Startup Catalyst

Startup Catalyst takes groups of youths, startups, investors, corporates, and innovation leaders to international startup hotspots including Silicon Valley, Europe, Israel, and Asia with the goal of transforming the startup and innovation landscape in Australia.  Our goal is to assist in the cultural transformation of the Australian economy to one that is fast paced, startup aware, and “global first”.


Media contacts:

Aaron Birkby

CEO at Startup Catalyst



Peta Ellis

Mission Leader and CEO at River City Labs