Life of a startup research : University of Queensland

“You Can’t Handle The Truth; An unfiltered look at the startup experience.”

The life of a startup founder is often the exact opposite of glamorous, a contradiction of an ‘overnight success’, and couldn’t be further from a stable career choice.

A study is being done through the UQ Business School and the UQ School of Psychology, to better understand the lived experiences of startup founders. In an effort to know where assistance is most needed, inform funding decisions, and better equip founders for their journeys ahead, it is vital to first understand what they experience, how they cope with it, and what effects these things have on their new ventures.

Participation in the study would require only 1 hour of your time, where a researcher from the
The University of Queensland will sit down with you and ask questions about your experience as a
startup founder, your challenges, and the history of your venture. Participation is entirely confidential and anonymous.

Researchers are interested in an unfiltered, real-life insight into the experience of being a startup founder, not a glossy cover page or a #hustle Instagram post.

So why not!? Take the chance to share your story and be a part of gaining academic and research interest in the fastest growing sector of the Queensland economy!

This study has been officially cleared and assigned an ethics clearance code by the University of
Queensland Ethics Office, the University of Queensland School of Psychology, and an information sheet

Share your story and be a part of the research.  Time slots are available on the 28th and 29th June, 2018 register your appointment here