Our startup is getting sh*t done on the train, what are you doing?

When you hear that the ParkFit team are achieving productive results because they train together, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking I am referring to how we workout as a team. I am in fact referring to the team’s daily one hour and twenty minute commute from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, Australia on the train.

ParkFit founding team Jacob, Britney and Nathan

For four weeks now we have been commuting, often as a team, sometimes solo to get some FOCUS time. Some days we cram on the busy train at peak hour, while at other times we might be heading home after a late networking event.

It has been important for all of the team that we optimise this time, to be productive or have team discussions about the River City Labs Accelerator program, a new contact we met, or how we are going to hit our traction goals. I have personally had a number of moments on the train where I have had a good chance to digest thoughts, or debate issues and ideas with Nathan and Britney (co-founders). Trapped together for over an hour there is no escaping the discussion or burning issue that needs resolving. I feel sorry for the poor people sitting in front of us hearing about “product-market-fit” and “validating assumptions” all the way to their stop.

It is, and will continue to be, a great way for our team to brainstorm and work through issues regularly. With over 133 hours of “train time” left in the program I am confident that our team communication quota will be well and truly full by Demo Day.

This post was written by Jacob Turner, CEO and co-founder of fitness app ParkFit.