Our Vision

At River City Labs, our vision is to foster the growth of startup companies solving big problems; we provide resources to empower, support, and connect entrepreneurs to achieve their potential. We are committed to building an A-grade culture that is fast-paced, startup aware, and embodies a global-first mindset.

Founders First

We don’t invest in startups, we invest in founders. As a human-lead organisation, we put individual founders at the core of what we do, prioritising their interests and needs above everything. Through the inevitable ups and downs of every startup journey, what we can offer founders is unwavering belief in them.

Give, Learn, Grow

Everything we do is focused on collaboration and connection. We proactively work to give back to the ecosystem by giving first to our community, without expectations of any return. We are committed to ongoing collaborative learning and personal development.

Always Challenge

Complacency simply has no place at River City Labs. We never rest on our laurels, and constantly strive for greater heights in everything we do. To be disruptive, you need to work harder than everybody else.